Responsible Disclosure

Lenyxo values third-party security researcher reports and their assistance in improving the security of our goods and services.

What is the best way to send a report?

Please email details to [email protected] if you want to submit a bug report.


Third-party software is hosted on the following domains. The infrastructure is covered, but not the apps themselves:

  • lenyxo.com
  • go.lenyxo.com
  • dash.lenyxo.com
  • forum.lenyxo.com
  • help.lenyxo.com
  • status.lenyxo.com

iFastNet, our free hosting provider, produced and/or maintains the following websites. Please contact iFastNet if any vulnerabilities are discovered.

  • Control panel domains: cpanel.lenyxo.eu.org, cpanel.lhost.eu.org, etc.
  • Unless expressly designated as in-scope, most services exposed through the control panel, e.g.:
      • filemanager.ai
      • scriptinstall.rocks
  • Hosting for free accounts: WWW, FTP, database servers

Additional information

  • DoS/DDoS and brute-force attacks are strictly forbidden and will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.